Thursday, June 19, 2008

About Me Part II

I was going to wait to post this til next week. But in order for me to post about certain other things, I feel I need to go ahead and finish posting about me.

So I'm picking up from where I left off. The decision was just made for me to be evaluated for a lung transplant at St. Louis Children's Hospital. I went through the evaluation process and ended up being a good candidate for lung transplantation. So I became listed in the spring of 1998.

My health actually began to stabilize and hospital stays weren't quite as frequent. However, I did have scoliosis at the time, and it got to the point where surgery was needed to correct the curve. I underwent back surgery the summer before 9th grade. The surgery went pretty smooth as well as the recovery process.

Although I went in the hospital several times that summer, 9th grade proved to be a very successful year. We began to get calls from St. Louis stating that they had lungs for me. However, because my lung functions had improved somewhat and I felt pretty good, we passed on the lungs. At this time, if you passed on lungs more than 3 times, you had to consider going off the lung transplant list or becoming inactive. During my 9th grade year, the decision was made to be reevaluated and become inactive on the lung transplant list. Being inactive allows you to still accumulate (or it did at that time) time on the transplant list, but not actively be listed.

Beginning in 9th grade, I did exceptionally well (for me, that is). I only required hospitalizations once during the summer. I was able to go through the school year without missing any school (for CF that is). It was great. I was involved in many honor societies and community service groups, and managed to maintain an above 4.0 grade point average. I really thought things were turning around!

During Spring Break of my senior year in high school, my health took a turn for the worst, and there was no "bouncing" back this time. I went in the hospital E.R. during Spring break with an O2 level of around 50%, and having a very difficult time breathing. It was during this stay, that I became dependent on oxygen 24/7. Although I only spent about 3 weeks in the hospital, I was required to finish up the school year at home.

To Be Continued....


walkingbyfaith said...

I was going to ask what a living donor transplant is, but I found your post about it. That is amazing! I'm glad you've done well after your tx and hope you continue to. Your faith and testimony are awesome.

Looking forward to part 3...

Jenny B.

Aimee said...

i saw your blog on confessions of a cf husband! i just read your last post. and i have cf also. and have had two surgeries for scoliosis. hope you are doing well =]