Saturday, June 14, 2008


I'm new to the whole blogging bare with me. I just thought it would be a great idea to have somewhere where I can share my story and what God is currently doing in my life. I hope it will become an inspiration and encouragement to other CF or transplant patients. I also think this is a great way to express how I feel about certain issues or things currently going on in my life. And finally, maybe my blog/site will help lead people to Christ, become organ donors, and support Cystic Fibrosis! Enjoy!


Kori said...

Hey there sweet Katey. Welcome to the Blog world. You have an awesome story to tell and a wonderful testimony that I know people would love to hear and be apart of your continued journey. God is truly amazing in every sense of the word.

Anonymous said...

Love it! I'm glad that you are blogging too. =)

I tend to blog about silly little stuff, but I guess I will occasionally have a serious thought.
Here's me:

Talk to ya soon!