Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dad's journal

So I know a lot of patients that go through CF transplants keep a blog, journal, etc. Usually a spouse, parent, etc. keeps that for them. And I think that's great. Before my transplant (awhile before), I told my parents to keep track of everything and take LOTS of pictures and send out bulk emails. Little did I know, my transplant would involve 3 live persons. So me, my mom, and family best friend were all in surgery and recovery at the same time. Therefore, not much journaling or picture taking could be accomplished. And I couldn't exactly express my wishes for that! I did start journaling about 1 1/2 months into the hospital stay, but was unable to continue, and did a "catch up" when I got home.

My Dad did start keeping a "brief" journal in a small $1.00 Mead Memo Pad...a little funny. But see, he had to run around to 3 different rooms, and he's not exactly the type to journal. Mom would be that person, but she wasn't able to.

So I've read this mini journal a couple of times, and most of it is just basic journal entries with basic updates like everyone else has. But there are a few that stand out. So I thought every now and then i would post a few. I think it's neat to look back and read those entries. So since I've written a long post, I'll do the actual journal entry in another post.