Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cindy McCain

For some reason this year, I have watched a good portion of the Republican Convention. I've actually never watched one before, but actually enjoyed watching it this year and thought it was very interesting. this comment is not meant to be disrespectful in any way. Did anyone see Cindy McCain's dress she wore on Tuesday night? Her dresses have been BRIGHT BRIGHT colors and "stiff"...a little on the "wild/different" side. Well, I think on Tuesday night she looked EXACTLY like Jane Jetson from "The Jetson's" TV Show. Jane Jetson used to wear those "stiff" dresses and bright colors. I thought that was so funny, and that has amused me all week. Last night her pink dress still looked like something Jane Jetson would wear. Tonight was better. This is just something to laugh about...I'm not being mean or anything like that. I like Cindy and are a supporter!

Update on health: I'm not feeling well once again, and stayed home from work today. I ran a low-grade fever this morning and have been extremely fatigued. I've had a lot of wheezing going on as well. They are thinking about putting me back on abx, but are waiting to see my sensitivity results from my culture done at the ENT last week. I did find out that the culture grew pseudomonas, but don't have the sensitivity results back yet. I'm getting pretty frustrated of this cycle of good days and bad. So we'll see what happens over the weekend. I will go to clinic next Wednesday. We have a CFF fundraiser tomorrow night that I am looking forward to (hopefully).