Sunday, September 21, 2008

Update on Christie

I'm not sure if anyone read my recent post about this girl or if anyone is following it, but I wanted to give a brief update.

Christie is doing EXTREMELY WELL!! The doctors took her off the ventilator just 13 hours after surgery. That is AMAZING! When the family and friends visited with her this evening, she was sitting up and talking the whole time. Let me remind you...this is less than 24 hours after surgery. This time yesterday, she was still waiting to see if the surgery would be a go. She will probably move up to the transplant unit (HTICU) tomorrow from CCU (Critical Care Unit). She is recovery rapidly and successfully. But we still need to keep her in our prayers, because this journey and recovery process is just beginning.

And to make an edit to my previous post: This was her 9th call. She had 8 False alarms, not 7. Amazing! God is truly a miracle worker and has blessed Christie with new lungs, but more importantly, a second chance at life. I am amazed at her progress already and hope she continues to do well. I will be up at the hospital later this week for photo, so I am hoping I will get to see her then.

FYI: Christie is a CF patient and had a double lung transplant in case anyone was wondering!


Katelyn said...

I am so glad that your friend is doing so well!

Jennifer said...

Ugh, no one should go through that many false alarms! I have a friend who went through 7 calls, and it was hard. By the 7th, he would go to the hospital, not really believing it would happen that day.