Monday, November 17, 2008

6,000 Visitors

WOW- I can't believe the # of visitors to my blog has reached beyond 6,000. AMAZING is all I can say! Thank you to all who follow my blog and who are continuously praying for me as challenges are thrown my way. God works in amazing ways, and I am so beyond blessed....words can't even describe.

Quick Health Update: Today I had my GI consult (per the request of the transplant team). I was kind of looking forward to it a little since I haven't seen anyone for my stomach issues in several years. Due to the recent events, it was a good time to schedule a consult. The GI doctor I actually saw was a pediatric gastroenterologist...and I absolutely LOVED him. He has a lot of background in CF. He is super friendly, talkative, and genuinely cares. I couldn't ask for a better GI doctor. The previous GI doctor I saw a couple of years ago did not offer me any useful information and basically just put me on different medicines to see if any helped. This particular doctor doesn't believe in putting you on medications unless you really need them and that they are going to help relieve the problem. Which I totally agree, considering the fact that I'm on so many medications already, and they just seem to keep increasing.

He presented me with some very valuable information of what could be causing my recent GI symptoms, severe nausea, loss of appetite, and recent weight loss. His #1 concern is pancreatitis. He said some patients can have a severe case of it and have really bad symptoms. But then there are some who have a severe case, but may not experience extreme symptoms, or the symptoms may decide to present themselves later on in life. He had several other suggestions. His main concern is the nausea, with it being so frequent and random. He ordered LOTS of blood work, in addition to a couple of other tests, for which I will go to UAB hopefully within the next week or so to get. Then after the tests are performed, I will return to him within 2-3 days afterword to get the results.

This doctor probably spent at least 30 minutes with me today, which is unusual in today's world of healthcare. And although he is a pediatric doctor, I feel that this is a benefit and he will actually work until the problems are solved. Sometimes pediatric doctors will agree to see patients in their early 20s with specific chronic illnesses, such as CF. For awhile, we didn't have an adult CF center, and everyone went to Children's Hospital, regardless of their age. I think because this guy has background knowledge in CF, and I am a small, petite person, he will be the perfect match.

Today was a busy day. Unfortunately, the wheezing has presented itself once again, as well as tenderness and soreness all over my body. I haven't not felt the best today. My mom thinks I have flu-like symptoms..but I'm staying optimistic that it is still just my normal cold/infection and nothing serious. I'll see how the rest of the week goes. I just need to make it through the 1st week of December--through exams, and then I really don't care what happens! (not saying that I want to get sick...but by then I won't have school interfering or making decisions for me).


Christy said...

So glad you found a good GI doc. I'm glad he's so knowledgeable about CF.
Praying that your "flu-like" symptoms aren't the flu and that you are feeling better soon.