Saturday, January 17, 2009

Blog Award

Carrie at Capturing Glimpses gave me this wonderful blog award! She is such a great person and I'm so glad we found each other! She passed this award to some of her newest bloggy friends and asked us to pass it on to some of our new bloggy friends. She says the award was for those who step out of their comfort box and make new bloggy friends! So, I am passing this wonderful award onto the following people:

Emily @ The Mulkeys-a CFer who loves the Lord!

Katelyn Elaine-A Wonderful CFer and friend!

Kori @ My Life as a CFers Wife

Carla @ Learning to Live.
This is a new blog I've started reading, and from what I've read, she seems like an awesome person! So check her blog out if you haven't already!


Christy said...

Hi –

I ran across another CF family’s blog yesterday and it’s brought me to an entire world of CF blogs! I have an eleven year old daughter with CF (and an 8 year old daughter w/o). I hope you don’t mind if I start following yours!