Monday, January 19, 2009


WOW! It has been a LONG and frustrating day. I woke up about 2:30 am this morning nauseated, and unable to go back to sleep. I started throwing up around 3:30 this morning gallons and gallons of junk(abnormal junk). I could not keep any anti-nausea meds down either. I was not able to stop throwing up, and I felt so weak and sick, so I had to call my tx coordinator (which I was trying not to do for awhile considering last weeks events). And believe or not...guess who was the doctor on call this morning...yep, you guessed it (even more frustrating).

They sent me to the ER, but at another connected hospital instead of the main UAB hospital. They said it would be quicker and that I needed to get fluids ASAP. So My mom drove me to the ER, and we did just that. They got me in pretty quick, and gave me a workup. I was still throwing up at this poor body was so weak, shaky, etc. They gave me 2 liters of fluid, and repeated another ultrasound of my stomach. Apparently, the ultrasound looked unchanged from the one a few weeks ago.

My potassium was low due to all the throwing up, so I got IV potassium as well and a supplement to take for 12 days. He also gave me a script for Prilosec to help with some of the acid (although normally is not an issue for me). I was very dehydrated (obviously), and a little anemic (which is normal for me). They gave me IV Zofran, but unfortunately, that didn't help any. Thankfully, after I got home, I was able to keep down an oral Phengran.

The ER discharged me about 1:30 this afternoon. I was shaking so bad and so cold...we weren't sure what was going on. Once I got home, I decided to check my temp, and I had a fever of 101.1 (which is high for me). I took some Tylenol, which helped.

I followed up with my coordinator, and she wants me to follow up with my GI doc in the morning and then call her. MY GI doctor was not in his office today, but my Mom did talk with his nurse. They are concerned that the H-pylori bacteria is still there and wants me to go on another intestinal abx for that. However, I still think something is going on. The nurse thinks that what I was throwing up this morning, was bile from my gallbladder. It was the worst throwing up experience I've ever had, and felt so so sick. I've been so dizzy and lightheaded, that I can't really walk much.

I'm feeling better now, but have not eaten anything, and aren't allowed until tomorrow. I'm on a liquid diet for tonight as tolerable. I'm very weak, and I have a little body, and nothing in it.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to start my internship tomorrow, but are planning on Wednesday, if everything is ok.

Today's events proved more frustration with the transplant team, and frankly, I was glad i was at another ER.

I will update more later...I'm still nauseated and need some rest big time. Thanks for your comments and prayers! I really need them!

And once Music Monday. Sorry!


Carrie said...

I am so sorry to hear you are feeling so bad. We have been gone for a few days and I am just able to check your blog. I hope they are able to get all of this under control very soon...I know you do too!

Christy said...

I came to answer your post and hate to hear you are feeling so bad!

Yes - that is the blog I post the most stuff about CF (updates on Mackenzie and fundraising stuff), the other two are just for things I don't think fit the scrapbook/journal feel of that blog (my random thoughts and love of television).

Yes, please add me to your blogroll - I look forward to getting to know you better!

Cindy said...

Sorry you are feeling so bad. I hope that the GI doc has some different ideas, and is able to figure out what the heck is going on. I'll continue to keep you in my prayers!

Christy said...

I really do hope it's the h. pylori and another antibiotic will completely get rid of all of this. This is crazy!!

Hang in there girl. I'm praying for you.