Sunday, February 1, 2009

Enlightenment Tag

I am going to enlighten you with 10 things you may want to know about me because I was tagged by Katelyn Elaine. This is nothing more than just 10 true facts that you may or may not know about me. I will try to think of things you don't know! Here it goes...

1). I have a huge addiction to marshmallows. If I was given the opportunity, I could eat a whole bag in one day. Unfortunately, since my recent stomach issues, marshmallows are not on my list...which is heartbreaking. And thank goodness, I don't have diabetes. I did have temporary induced diabetes after transplant for about 6 months or so, but it eventually went away. And I am oh so ever grateful!

2). I have never been on a date...yep...NEVER. I've never been asked out by a guy...very sad I know.

3). I was an avid beanie babie collector and still have quite a collection. I've sold most of them...but loved them up until several years ago.

4). I took gymnastics for about 6 years, until I had to have a feeding tube placed. I am very limber...and loved gymnastics. I wish I had continued...but a feeding tube was hard to deal with and didn't quite work when trying to perform on the bars.

5). I have my own scrapbooking business: "Katey's Kreations." I created this when I was home-bound on oxygen 24/7 to occupy my time. I get several jobs throughout the year...and love it. It's a nice on the side job!

6). I'm very short...only 4'11....which I hate with a passion.

7). Before transplant, my CO2 level was 211....normal is about 30-40. People don't live with that high of a level..which goes to show you that I am truly a living miracle of God's work.

8). I have part of my Mom's lungs inside me...which I think is pretty cool. And I can actually say that a part of her will live inside of me forever...physically, not just spiritually.

9). I don't eat fruits or vegetables. I love starchy vegetables like potatoes, corn, etc., but not many "healthy" vegetables. The only fruits I eat are applesauce, grapes, and sometimes bananas ( I have to be in the mood). I do eat green beans, peas, and Lima beans...and carrots...but that's it for veggies. Yep...I know...really bad and not exactly a healthy decision. I tell my Mom it's her fault that she should have forced these foods down my throat. Then she proceeds to tell me that I would spit them all out :)

10). I'm afraid of bugs..big time. If I see a bug and there is someone else in the house, room, etc., I will make that person kill it. I've even been babysitting before and made a 4 year old kill a huge flying roach...because I was terrified and we wasn't. In desperate situations, I will get a shoe and smash the bug. tag the following people: (these are all new blogger friends)
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Alicia said...

Very cool. I totally learned some things!

Marcus said...

Man, you're gonna make me write about myself..LOL. I don't eat veggies either. I eat lima beans, potatoes, corn and sweet peas. I can't believe no one's asked you out. You're one of the prettiest girls I know. I may have to come to alabama this summer to ask you out :)

Marcus said...

Ok, I did my post. Thanks

Sarah said...

I know you didn't tag me but I just had to tell you that we have some similarities, that I happen to not share with many people.

#s 2, 3, 6 (I hate it too, especially since I'm ill porportioned on top of being short) & 9

Thanks for posting this. I enjoyed reading it.