Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Valentine's Day since pretty much everyone else posted about their Valentine's Day or plans for V-Day for that matter...I thought I would post about my mine...very briefly!

I don't really care too much about V-Day! I don't have a don't think of it in that sort of a way. On Wednesday night I did do Valentine's crafts with the kids I keep at church..and passed out little Valentine's gifts to them. I do love doing that! My family and I give each other cards...but that has actually been post-poned til tonight for a couple of reasons. Due to the economy...and our family not being in the best financial position...I told my Mom not to get me anything (sometimes she will give small gifts, candy, etc.). I told her I don't need material things to prove that she loves me! So we all opted for just cards this year!

So like pretty much every year on Valentine's Night...I babysit! It's kind of funny...because it's like a competition...who can call me first! I had one lady that called me on February 2nd to secure me for the night. I had 2 other families call me later in the week...but unfortunately, I was already taken! I love I'm more than happy to do it on Valentine's....

So last night I babysit for a couple who I've never babysat for before, and top it all off...they never have babysitters. They had two boys (8 yr old and 3 yr old)...but one of the boys was going to spend the night with a friend, because the Mom was worried that if I kept both boys....they would run me off and I wouldn't want to come back. Honestly...I was a little worried after she told me this. I underwent massive interview questions, and had to arrive about 45 minutes early last night before the parents finally left. All in all was a great night...and the 3 year old boy I kept ended up being great! The only issue came about when it was time to go to bed. He wanted most kids that age (and plus they never have babysitters). So I rocked him to sleep....precious!

The only thing that drove me crazy all night was......I couldn't figure how to get ice out of the refrigerator. Obviously, this family had some money...because their house and kitchen were filled with the most up-to-date and expensive appliances, furniture, etc. Well, their fridge...was something else. I searched and searched for hours...and still couldn't figure out how to get ice out. And after asking the 3 year old...he said that they don't have ice. Which I believed at that point. I never figured it out...and still don't know if it was possible!

At the end of the night....when the Mom paid me (I spent about 4 hrs total)...she paid me a lot more than I had told her I charged! I ended up getting paid $10 an hour for 1 little boy! That was nice end to my Valentine's Day!

So...maybe next year, I'll actually be going out on a date :)


The Smithson Family said...

I use to babysit all of the time on Valentine's...even when I did have a boyfriend! We would go out another night so that I could make some money! Now that I have children, I got to babysit without getting paid! YEA!
I always loved babysitting for the people with a lot of money who always over paid me....that was the best.

Marcus said...

I'll just have to come to Alabama next year to be your date :)

Aspiemom said...

Katey, I saw your blog through Capturing Glipses. I am so impressed that at your age you share your faith and testimony so confidently.

I'm also impressed with how active you are with children and your church. I can tell how much you love kids!

I have CF also, but I'm one of the older ones - I'll be 49 this year.

Alicia said...

You are so precious! Did I just read Marcus's comment right?