Monday, March 2, 2009


I have progressively gotten sicker/worse over the weekend. Saturday around lunch time I began running a fever. I was so achy and sore all over, coughing really bad, sob, wheezing, tired, and my throat was hurting a whole lot. I slept off and on Saturday. Sunday was the same: fevers, etc. I actually felt a little worse yesterday than Saturday. I had no idea my feeling bad/exhaustion from last week was going to turn into clue.

So my plan was to try and make it til Monday morning to call my tx coordinator. about 4 hours I will do just that. I am 95% sure I either have the flu or pneumonia. This is the worst I've felt in a LONG LONG time. I definitely need to be checked out today. And more than likely, I will be admitted. I'm going to pack a bag just in case.

Last weekend (Feb. 20th) my family went to Auburn to take my brother out to dinner for his b'day. My brother's girlfriend had actually just gotten over the flu, and my brother wasn't feeling the best. My brother is also sick right now with night fevers and migraine headaches. So it's possible I caught the flu. All I know is that something is definitely wrong.

I will update the next time I get a chance. If I get admitted, it will probably be later on tonight!

Have a great Monday!


Brooks Family said...

Oh Katey, I am so sorry you feel miserable! Praying for you!

Cara said...

I'm so sorry you are feeling bad Katey! I will pray for a quick recovery for you. Something must be in the air right now b/c me and Katelyn are both sick too!

Katelyn said...

I understand. Yesterday I was writhing in pain. I think I have the flu too. I was so doped up on pain medications that I couldn't walk, and yet I was still aching. I'm praying that you get better soon and that hopefully you won't have to be admitted, but will do so if you know it's the right thing to do. Email or call if you need anything! Even if it's a box of candy or a fun girly magazine to keep your occupied. :)

Aspiemom said...

Oh, no! I'm sorry that you've gotten worse and hope you get "fixed up" right away.

Get better soon! i'm praying for you!