Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Graduation Pictures

This is our school walking in the auditorium
Walking to my seat!
The schools with their flags raised were the ones participating in this ceremony. They split graduation into two different ceremonies due to the large # of those graduating! Sorry for the guys head in the way!
This is when the honor graduates were recognized! I'm 4 rows up from the back on the left side. You should be able to see me (short and blonde hair)

Walking back to my seat from stage

This picture is of everyone moving their tassels over to the other side!

The end of commencement. The balloons ended up being a little off! I think they were expecting more graduates to show up :) We had bagpipe players play for us before and after the ceremony. It was really good!

The following pictures were taken afterwards outside the auditorium (or rather arena...graduation was held in our arena):

A proud mama!

Our family of 4!

My grandmother!

My brother!

This was in front of "Blaze" (our school mascot is a blazer...see below). We recently added him to the campus with blazing fire (smoke) coming out. It's actually pretty cool!

These next 3 pictures are ones that the Birmingham News Photographer took! I had the hardest time keeping my hat on (i hate one-size fits all caps). So this dean as well as the media relations lady were putting bobby pins in my hair (i think i had at least 5). So my hat was a little awkward/crooked looking the entire ceremony..and i couldn't move or adjust it because it was "bobby-pinned" in...but oh well!

This was a "fake" pose of me moving my tassel. The photographer had to leave before it would actually happen during the ceremony, so he used this picture to capture it. This was the picture used in the newspaper article!

Walking to the arena. This is one of my favorite pictures. Too bad it's copyrighted!

Reading my program, waiting to enter the arena!

It really was a great day! I got the proofs of my professional photos via email yesterday. When I get the actual photo(s), I'll post those as well. I'm pretty happy with the ones my mom took though...they turned out pretty good. The only one that turned out blurry that I'm upset about is the most important one...walking across stage. I gave her a really hard time about it :) But one of the professional photos captured it!


Cindy said...

Congratulations, Katey!

CFlover said...

Congrats again K!!!

Emily said...

Congratulations!!! I look forward to seeing what God has for you. So glad you finished this huge race!