Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Homecoming Anniversary

Today, May 5th is my 5 year transplant anniversary since I came home from California. Yes...my actual transplant was on February 25, 2004. But I didn't come home until May 5th.I was in the hospital until the 3rd week of April, then stayed in a hotel for two more weeks! I'll never forget this day...it's easier for me to remember....Cinco de Mayo! When I arrived at the Birmingham Airport...I had a HUGE crew of people waiting to see me. Fox 6 News was there as well, interviewing my parents. People brought balloons, cake, food,etc. It was really great! But the thing that I remember the most is seeing my brother. I hadn't seen him in over 3 months...and really not a lot prior to flying out to California because I was so sick, and he was really involved in school sports. I remember getting out of my wheelchair and holding on to him...hugging him. I had missed him SO SO much...and we just cried and held each other for the longest time! It was great! I was SO happy to be home! Here a few pictures of my homecoming from USC in California to Birmingham, Alabama from my transplant. (I had lost a TON of weight..but my feet/legs were HUMONGOUS!

Leaving LAX Airport-May 5th!

Birmingham Airport with my two cousins: Christopher and Jonathan!

Me, my Mom, and Cousin Debbie!

Me with my balloons!

Our entire family of 4 in the car for the first time in a LONG time...on the way HOME!

Welcome Home Sign that the Kelley Family made for me (Jeff-my other donor's family)

A sign that my Brother's anatomy class at school made for me!


Katelyn said...

What a journey you've had!

65 Roses for Marcia said...

Wow Katey,congtratulations on this important milestone!Hoping you'll have many many more milestones to celebrate!!Have a great day :)

Jane said...

Congratulations! Enjoy cinco de mayo!

RunSickboyRun.com said...

Wow, what a joyous day then! I'm so glad that you've been able to take FULL advantage of the last 5 years. Keep it going!!!!!


CFlover said...

You have had an amazing journey and I am so glad you share it with us! Thank You!