Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Well, the doctor admitted me to the hospital from clinic this morning...UGH! I had actually felt a little better yesterday, and was hoping to escape being admitted. However, this morning/today, I felt so much worse. So I'm glad to be getting some relief. They think it is just a bad infection or bad bronchitis. My xray did show a spot on it, but they aren't sure if it is pneumonia or not. Regardless, they thought it was best to put me in. My chest sounded pretty congested according to the doctors. I was coughing my head off all morning during clinic and most of the day today. I was having a really hard time breathing. I had chest pain, chills, wheezing, etc. I know when I got back to the exam room in clinic, i looked awful. Most of my labs were ok....i'm extremely dehydrated. My creatnine is 1.5 and I'm usually under 1.0. So they are supposed to be pumping me full of fluids (just what I like....NOT!!!) My magnesium was 2.2....WOW!! (and I actually haven't taken any in awhile). My hct was 30, which is great too. My WBC count was 4.1 (a little higher than usual, but not bad). My weight has also dropped pretty significantly. So hopefully once I start feeling better, I can put some pounds back on. They have put me on the same 3 IV abx as the last time I was here since they worked so well: Vancomycin, Tobra, and Fortaz. And I just completed getting all 3 of them!

And once again, our transplant unit is full, but I've been told I should be moved by Friday. Dr. Y is on call at least for the remainder of this week, possibly longer....UGH!! However, he was very sweet and sympathetic towards me today. I didn't see him in clinic, but he rounded late afternoon. He really took me seriously (probably because I looked awful). So hopefully he will be ok this round! At least I have a nurse practitioner to handle things as well.

I had to wait on my bed assignment in the admitting waiting room earlier today. Usually they send me straight to a room from clinic, but one wasn't available yet. It was awful. I was so cold that I had a sheet and blanket covering me up on top of the jacket i was wearing over my shirt. I was shaking, breathing hard, coughing, etc. I think I got so overwhelmed and feeling so bad that I started panicking. I started crying and really feeling like I was going to pass out and throw up. And every time i stood up, i was dizzy. I didn't think I was going to be able to wait on the room to become available. So plans were in the works to find a chair somewhere to go ahead and start meds. But thankfully, my room finally became available, and I arrived in it about 1:30 or so. I immediately layed down on the bed and probably cried for over an hour. This is SO UNLIKE not sure what was going on...i just felt so bad, was in pain and felt like I couldn't breathe. The nurse practitioner finally came around and got orders put in. I got IV phinigren for my nausea and Lortab for pain. And then it wasn't much longer when I got Benadryl for one of the IV meds. I feel much calmer now...but not great!

So that's all the details for now. I will update again soon. My laptop computer is actually not working, so I'm borrowing Brandi's for tonight. Her dad is bringing a 2nd computer up this weekend for me to sweet! I think I would go insane without a computer up here! On a side note: Brandi got admitted today for her usual CF tune-up, so please keep her in your prayers as well. Overall, I'm pretty frustrated with the whole situation of being sick AGAIN (and 3rd hospitalization this year). But I'm thankful I'm here and able to get immediate relief.

Sorry for the delay in this post! I'm hoping to get some good sleep tonight! Please pray that I will bounce back quickly, and that I can move rooms very soon to our usual transplant floor. I'm currently in W606 for those that usually ask where I am each time I come in. Thanks again for all of your recent comments and prayers!

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Well I know that the Hole is not the best place to be, but if the docs think you need to be there then you probably need to be there.

You'll be outta there in no time!


Brooks Family said...

:( Will pray, Katey,

Katelyn said...

Thanks for the blog award! I love getting little surprises. Also, those are Orca Whales, not sharks! You couldn't pay me enough money to swim with sharks, actually that's a lie, because I want to do that one day ... moving on.

I'm sorry you're in the hospital. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers this weekend. I think if the doctor's put you in, then there has to be a "good" reason. I hope that jerk isn't your doctor again. I'll judo chop him for you ... if I were in town. :)

Kellee said...

Sorry your sick K!!! =(
Im praying =)

Cindy said...

Oh, Katey I'm so sorry that you are back in the joint. You just can't catch a break this year! Praying you will be feeling better soon, and on your fav. floor, then out of there! (((hugs!)))

65 Roses for Marcia said...

So sorry you're back in the hosp. Katey. But hopefully this time will do the trick! You have had a rough time!! Hang in there, I'll be praying for you and Brandi...

Aspiemom said...

Katey, I'm so sorry that your locked up again! 3 times in the first half of the year is just too much!

I'll be praying that you get on the tx ward quickly and that you get better very soon!

p.s. That's very nice of them to help you out w/ a computer!