Sunday, May 17, 2009


I have a question: Is there a way to remove a follower from you blog?? I don't want to make it public, who I'm talking about, but don't want this blog following mine. Anything I can do?? Thanks!


Kellee said...

Ha leave it to me to know this and be the 1st to comment!!

You can block them..there will be a small red block symbol by there name..just click that =)

Emily said...

So glad the walk went well. It's always a big job but well worth it. =) So sorry to hear you are not feeling good. Hope you can get this cough under control. I know that brings back old memories of having CF lungs, ones you just don't want to remember. well, hope you are able to rest this week and get caught up. talk with you soon! said...

I could always just remove myself as one of your followers :) Just Kidding. I hope.