Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Clinic Report

Today I had my follow-up transplant clinic appointment from being in the hospital. I'm happy to say that the appointment went really well! My PFT's were up (44/46)! This is actually the best they have been in a long yay!! My chest xray had improved since the hospital as well! All my lab values were pretty good too: My WBC count was: 5.4 (due to the prednisone); Magnesium: 1.8; Creatnine: 1.0; HCT: 28 (low....but they won't do anything about that); and my BUN was 23 (which is much better). My 02 sats were 94%, which is ok, but not great. I'm still not happy with that number. But they were pleased with it for now. I'm sure they will get better!

I got the "ok" to go on my cruise. And I got clearance to attend the CFRI conference! He gave me a prescription for Cipro to take prior and/or during the cruise if I need it. Hopefully I won't need it, but I have it just in case, which is nice!!!!

I have restarted the Advair Inhaler back for my wheezing. So we will see if that helps. I have been wheezing the last few days. I am now also off my prednisone taper. My doctor wants me to get my wheezing under control before I start the inhaled TOBI antibiotic. He said that TOBI can actually cause broncho-spasms. And he doesn't want that to make my wheezing worse. So that's fine with me. We will follow up with that in a few weeks.

So overall, everything went extremely well. And as long as I am feeling ok, I can wait to return to clinic at my September appointment!!!

I also got permission to take some Motrin, Aleve, etc. for my knee pain. Hopefully that will help with the pain and the inflammation. We aren't allowed to take much of "ibuprofen" like drugs, post-transplant, because it is very risky for our kidneys. But my kidney function is really good right now, so he said I can take it for about 1 week. Hopefully it will heal QUICKLY so I can get back into exercising!!!

Changing subjects: Brandi and I reserved our hotel room today as well as our plane tickets! We are flying out that Wednesday prior to the conference and returning Sunday evening!! I'm excited!!!


Kellee said...

Im so glad you had a good clinic!!

Ya know M never gets cipro and I read about all you guys getting it. I wonder why?? Does it work for you? said...

So glad you get to go on your cruise!!!!

Good checkup!

Brandi said...

Great PFTs! Glad your appointment went so good ... mine is 7/16, so fingers crossed!

The countdown to SanFran has begun!!!