Friday, July 31, 2009

Auction for Kori

Sorry for the lack of blog posts this week! It's been a busy week (mostly filled with babysitting). I will post this weekend with an update! I'm babysitting again later this afternoon!

Most of you know Kori, whose husband Richard has CF and cancer! Her blog is set to private, so unfortunately, those that don't know her can't visit her blog! But just briefly:
Kori and Richard have been married 8 years and are parents of two boys. In April of 2008, Richard was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer. Sadly, he is close to losing his battle with this deadly disease. Kori's world is now full of hospice, lawyers and wills... and watching her beloved husband succumb to his illness. Yet despite these unimaginable horrors, Kori's faith and strength remain unbroken.

With mounting medical bills and soon-to-be-needed funeral costs, one thing Kori is in need of is money. Shannon, at welcometothenuthouse is going to be hosting an auction as a way to raise funds for our dear friend, Kori. The auction will take place via Shannon's blog on Tuesday, August 11th, for 24 hours. Absolutely 100% of the proceeds from the auction will go to the McCulley Family Trust.

And here's a little teaser of some of the items lined up for auction:

gift cards to Sephora, iTunes, Target, Barnes &Noble... just to name a few!
hand-made cards
hand-thrown pottery
a custom blog design from
Krizzy Designs
scrapbook supplies
a hand-stamped necklace from
Kristen's Custom Creations

Shannon is still taking donations, so if you'd like to donate an item please her know! Or if you know of an Etsy shop owner or other vendor who might be willing to donate, let her know and she will be glad to contact them about the auction.

Shannon and her blogger friends (and me) would love for everyone to blog or tweet about this auction for Kori! Get the word out to save the date!

I'm going to be on my cruise during this time, without Internet access...which i hate! If I was in town, I would definitely be bidding on some of the auction items! I hope some of you will think about participating and helping the McCulley's out! Thank you for your support!


Shannon said...

Thanks again for getting the word out, Katey! I'm sorry to hear you'll miss the auction... but hope you have a great time on your cruise! I've never been on one and would love to go... maybe one day!

Blessings to you!

Robin said...

First Thanks for stopping by Walkers for Life! I have enjoyed reading your blog and others with CF through your joining our blog. Thanks for all the information you have provided me. Raegan is very important to me and someday as her stepmom, I need to know everything I can about what she goes through so I can help provide the best for her. She is my world and I love her dearly... Please keep in touch.