Friday, July 10, 2009


Update: The babies are still alive. My mom and I walked over next door (the family is out of town) in the backyard to see if we could find one. I found one near the back of the fence. Mom picked him up but then the baby jumped out quickly and to a nearby tree. I followed him and found the other 2 babies. They all 3 look alive and well. No Mama in site and no 4th bunny. I'm not positive there is a 4th one since I never saw it last night. The babies are actually pretty camouflaged up against the ground. My mom went to leave some carrots, lettuce, etc. by the in case Mama had abandoned them! But our neighbors had already left a head of cabbage. I've added a few more pictures at the end of this post with all 3 babies!

Apparently we have baby rabbits in our backyards. Or rather jointly shared between our backyard and our neighbors backyard. Yesterday, as our neighbor was cutting his grass, he saw one of the babies run right in front of him. The kids rang our doorbell and showed us 1 baby rabbit. About 10 minutes later they come back with 2 more baby rabbits. Apparently, there are 4 baby rabbits. I saw the Mommy rabbit in our backyard last night, probably looking for her babies. So I convinced the kids next door to let them go back in their "hole." When I woke up this morning, the kids were in our backyard. Anyway...they are so precious and cute!!!

I'm a little worried about them surviving in the "wild." We have multiple "neighborhood" cats that roam around in our yard all the time. And there is no way those little babies can escape or outrun the cats.

I think this is the Momma!

Baby bird (Robin) who fell out of the nest :(

I am going to check on the babies again tomorrow!


Alicia said...

Oh, they are so cute!!!

Amy said...

So cute!!

I'm gonna be the downer post LOL The mom might not take care of them now that everyone has touched them. I know that has happened with us before. Hopefully she does though :)

Aspiemom said...

They are so cute! I agree that the mommy might not care for them if she smells you on them. I hope she still does. My son used to love caring for abandoned baby rabbits when he was little. (Still would)

The Liberto Family said...

How sweet, I'm sure they will be just fine with or with out mom!