Wednesday, August 12, 2009

CF Adult Transition Webcast!!!

Join the CF Community again, as Pulmozyme, sponsors a CF Web Cast!

Thursday, August 27 at 08:00 PM EST

These Web Casts are held frequently amongst many CF organizations! However, I just post about the ones that I feel can be extremely valuable to my readers!

Transitioning from being a teenager to a young adult with CF means you will need to take responsibility for your own care. Dr. Marcia Katz, along with Casey Flaherty, a 25-year-old with CF, and Casey’s mother Paula Flaherty, will provide guidance and strategies to help you and your family manage the transition into adulthood successfully. The webcast will also explore important issues for CF teens and adults, including information on balancing life, work and school and establishing the best possible CF care routine.

Dr. Marcia Katz, Director, Adult CF Center, Baylor College will provide guidance on effectively transitioning from adolescence to adulthood with CF and strategies for improving compliance to medications, exercise, nutrition and keeping a positive attitude. CF patient Casey Flaherty, and her mother Paula Flaherty will share their experiences, challenges and successes in managing CF.

During the webcasts, Dr. Katz and Dr. McColley will answer your questions live. Everyone is encouraged to submit questions live during the webcast or beforehand to get answers and advice from Dr. Katz, Casey and her mother Paula. This event provides valuable information for people with CF, their friends and family.

I know for me, the transition to the Adult CF Care Team really never happened. I was swifted away for transplant, before that became necessary! So I really never had to deal with switching doctors, hospitals, etc. to the "CF adult side." I did have to with transplant, but I think the situation is a little different.

Some CF Centers don't have a separate adult CF Care team and/or clinic/hospital! But even though I didn't experience the "clinical transition", i did experience the physical and emotional transition somewhat! I think "young adult" can refer to any age beginning at the high school level! And I know this transition can be tough! And as I watch my CF friends go through this stage, I want to be there to support them! And one of those ways is to provide them with as much knowledge as possible! In addition, i think others's experiences are key in helping that individual make that transition a successful one! So I hope you will consider checking this webcast out, if, of course, it pertains to where you are in your CF journey! (Even parents can check this out as well)!!!

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