Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cruise Pictures: Part II

These pictures are from day 3 of my cruise, which was spent in Cozumel, Mexico! One word to describe the beaches, water, scenery, etc.: PARADISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The shore excursion we took part in was an adventure, and as you will read below, we were not able to take pictures because our cameras would have gotten soaking wet (literally fully immersed in water)! So all my pictures are from the port/pier area!

Our shore excursion was called "Isla Passion By Twister." It included a thrill ride on a speed boat; We experienced incredible acceleration and high speed maneuvers, including 360° turns at high speed (up to 70mph), as Twister (name of boat) skimmed along the Caribbean waters! Following the boat ride, Twister took us to a private island where we enjoyed about 3.5 hours of relaxation at Isla Pasion’s white sand beach. We also had an open bar and lunch buffet. And the island had an open-air mini mall with lots of clothing, pottery, jewelry, etc., to shop for. I bought my Mom some beautiful and extremely good quality pottery--salt and pepper shakers!! She loved them! Then afterwards, Twister took us back to the pier/port area! The ride to and from the island was about 30 minutes. And then we spent a few extra minutes playing around doing 360's! Oh...and once again, our two tour guides for this shore excursion were pretty cute/hot =) At the end of the excursion, one of our tour guides was giving us instructions and said, "We may me Mexican, but we are all brother's in Christ." I thought that was awesome...so I gave him an extra tip!!!!

I don't have captions on the pictures...because I'm not paying for premium features! But you can probably figure it out! Enjoy...i hope you check the pictures out....really do!!!!


Lovin Lane said...

Your pics are beautiful... What a neat vacation...