Thursday, August 6, 2009

Prayers Please

I have a couple of prayer requests, since I know how awesome the blogger prayer chain can be!

First, as most of you know, I leave on a cruise Saturday morning. I will be gone on a Western Caribbean cruise for 6 days. We will make stops in Cozumel and Progresso Mexico! Our ship departs out of New Orleans, and my parents are driving my friend and I down (only about a 4.5 hr drive)! Please pray for a safe trip! But more importantly, please pray that I feel good, REALLY GOOD for this trip! I have had some health issues come up the last couple of days that have me a little worried/concerned! And I actually just finished a 2 week course of oral antibiotics last week. All i want to do is to be able to enjoy this trip without any health complications or interferences during the trip! I SO want these issues to be gone by Saturday!

Secondly, one of my dear CF/transplant friends, has been sick for a couple of weeks, and has been on the ventilator now for about 1 week! The doctors have finally identified what kind of infection she has (a type of flu), so now they can treat her accurately and more aggressively! However, this has really knocked her down and she has a long recovery in front of her! God is so good and I know he is right there with her. I have full confidence she will make a full recovery! But she needs our prayers!! She is not out of the woods yet! She was actually transplanted here at my local transplant center, but is from Texas, and right now in the hospital in Texas. The team of doctors are communicating back and forth! Please pray that she can remain in Texas so her family can be with her, but also that the doctors make the right decisions and if she needs to be airlifted to UAB, they will do that. Although I have complete peace with what God wants to do, I can't help but worry about her because of Shaun, my friend who recently passed away. She has exhibited some of the same exact symptoms and is on the ventilator! But God is giving me a peace about it as well. The difference though is that the team of doctors have identified the type of infection making her sick....which is great! You can click here to visit her blog! Her friend has been updating pretty much daily and I know she will love to read your comments (she passes them along to Emily's husband)!

UPDATE (7:40 pm): Emily was supposed to be life-flighted to UAB around 4:30 this afternoon. The flight will take about 4 hours! Please pray for a safe flight! She has not made any progress today and the situation is a little serious! I'm glad she will be at UAB with the transplant team! I'm going to check on her tomorrow! I hate that I'm leaving Saturday and will not be able to follow updates until I return...this breaks my heart...and now I'm really concerned for her! Thank you to those who visited her blog!



Kellee said...

You got it!!

I know your gonna have so much fun and feel so good on your trip!!
We are going to Mexico in a month and I can hardly wait!! Kinda nervous about M stayin healthy..he has NEVER travled!! But Im a worry wart so..=)

Oh and a I am def. praying for E!!

Ronnie "Sickboy" Sharpe said...

I will pray for both the trip and your friend!


Aspiemom said...

I've never been on a cruise, but my big wish has always been to go on Charles Stanley's Alaskan Cruise. My husband thinks I'm nuts and we're broke, so I doubt it will happen.

I will pray that you enjoy great health during your vacation and will pray for your friend, too. That's scary and discouraging for her.

Lovin Lane said...

Prayin your trip is everything you ever dreamed it would be, and your health is the best ever, and we pray that your friend makes great strides in her recovery.. Have a fantastic trip... Marcy

Anonymous said...

I'm praying for you to have a healthy fantastic trip and also for your friend Emily. I did check out her blog.

Jamie said...

I am so glad I visited your blog tonight! I think it's great that the internet allows us to find so many that build us up and understand us. Thanks for checking out my blog! I really like how your blog shows the new posts from your do you do that?

Oh and enjoy the Carribean. . .I'm jealous :)

Anonymous said...

Not to be a downer, but is it really a good idea to become a nurse? The reason I ask is that it only takes one bug to get into your new lungs and destroy the gift that God gave you. No offense, but I personally think that is irresponsible. What would the donor's family think if something like that happened? I don't think they'd be too pleased.
I have CF and waiting for my double lung transplant and I'd never put myself at risk like that. That is why when we are in the hospital they want us out ASAP so we don't pick up anymore bugs. Being a nurse would expose you daily to bacteria, viral infections and so on. Not a good idea.