Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday Tid-Bits

I've seen this done by Erin over at Livia's Hope. I thought it would be appropriate for my post today! And I apologize for the lack of blogging lately!

So...I have almost completed 2 weeks of my IV antibiotic: Ceftazadime/Fortaz. Thursday morning will officially be 2 weeks. I have also completed 2 full weeks of oral Cipro, and 3 full weeks of inhaled TOBI (with 1 week remaining). Unfortunately, I have not really felt much better. The fevers would seem to go away, but then randomly spike again; i am extremely short of breath (thought I was going to pass out last night after walking to class); my body is severely shaking; occasional coughing, and just overall major fatigue and BLAH feeling. So my doctor and transplant coordinator want me back in clinic tomorrow. Usually by the end of 2 weeks of antibiotics, I am feeling SO SO much better.....that feeling usually kicks in well within at least a week. However, this time, no such "kick in-effect" has occurred. I know they are still trying to do everything they can to keep from admitting patients, due to the flu and swine flu cases.

I have a MAJOR, MAJOR, did I say MAJOR? Anatomy Lab Practical Exam tomorrow night! I've been studying, but due to work, classes, and being sick, I haven't studied as much as I would like. And to top it off, I haven' gotten much sleep lately. The last 2 nights I've stayed up studying until 5am. Then up for work at 7am. I'm very nervous and still have some items to study. The test (non-multiple choice-straight fill in the blank-like answers--really not even fill in the blank) covers every bone in the body, every bone marking in/on the body (foramen, fossa, condyles, tubercle's, sutures, etc.), the types of tissues in the body (their characteristics, functions, locations...and being able to identify them from a slide), and FINALLY....every joint in the body!! Lovely huh??? I would appreciate all the prayers I can get! For God to give me the ability to retain all of this knowledge; to not worry or stress out to much, where my mind goes blank or freaks out tomorrow night; and just for confidence in doing well on the exam! Our lab teachers informed us that the majority of the lab students make a high "D" or low "C" on the first exam. YIKES!!!!

I have my 1st Anatomy Lecture Exam next Monday. I plan on cramming for that Thursday-Sunday this week. I can't study for it before the lab practical.

Work has been crazy, but I've managed to make it through the day (although I probably should be resting).

My brother contacted the swine flue last weekend/week. I am glad to say that he is now over it and feeling much better.

It has literally rained here for the last 7 days, it seems like. And it really likes to rain during class times..ugh!!!


Jane said...

How'd you do?

Ours was AWFUL!

And then we had histology. 80 out of 100 failed the lecture portion.