Sunday, November 1, 2009

November Already???

I can't believe it is NOVEMBER!!! Time Flies!! Did everyone enjoy their extra hour of sleep last night? I have always said that (in school terms) the fall semesters go by much quicker than the spring semesters. I apologize for not much blogging still. I did manage a few more posts this past week than before. This upcoming week is crazy, with something every night after work, so the blogging, once again, may be few this week.

My anatomy test last week was ok. I don't think I failed it, but neither did I ace it. I should find out tomorrow night what i made...keeping my fingers crossed that all the guesses were right :) I have another anatomy lab practical test this Wed night. This class is driving me INSANE and stressing me out big time. After this week's test, I don't have anymore until the last and second to last week of the semester (December).

I will be venturing to transplant clinic this week. I have not been feeling good at all. My throat is really sore, coughing, sob, no energy, etc. The results from my GI tests last week will be reveled in a post TOMORROW....definitely check it out, very interesting!

It's been a lazy weekend. I've been resting after a busy and hectic week. I attended my cousin's senior concert on Friday night. He is part of Auburn Singers (their university choir) and each senior is required to put on a concert with them only. He is such an awesome singer. We had a reception afterwards (my Mom helped with the food) for him, which everyone enjoyed! I didn't make it to church, once again, UGH!!! I passed out candy to the trick-or-treaters last night. My favorite was a little boy (probably about 1 or 1.5 yrs old) that was a UPS Man. ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE. Here is a picture of me, my brother, and cousin (Christopher who i mentioned above) one Halloween. I think it was around 1990, but don't know the exact year!

Oh yea: Not sure if I mentioned this last week or not, but we transplanted again last Tuesday night. The girl is doing great! But please keep her in your prayers. She is alone, has no family and no friends with her. Her Dad recently passed away and her Mom is in stage 4 cancer. One of my dear CF friends, Brandi, has been her angel, visiting her every day, multiple times a day. Her phone number is the "emergency" number left with the nurses. We've talked about trying to come up with a plan, because you can't go through the transplant recovery process alone. You need someone there to help you physically and mentally. I know the nurses will take good care of her, but it's not the same without a friend there. So please pray for this situation. She is in good spirits and doesn't regret anything. But I know deep down, she wishes she had someone to support her as well as her mother there with her.

I have a busy week! It is filled with work, doctor's appointments, class, a wedding Friday night, and much more!!! I'm praying I have the energy to make it through. I hope everyone has a great and blessed week!


Lil' Chris' Mom said...

Love the cute pic;-)

Brandi said...

Hey dearling!

I hope you are feeling better this week. Lauren moved to HTICU last night. Down to one chest tube and is satting in in the high-90's - 100 on 0.5 - 1 L of O2. I spent about three hours up there last night after the move. Sorry I haven't written back to your e-mail yet - I am getting behind on my inbox since I've had so much going on. But she is definitely feeling better and wants to meet you soon! So whenever you are feeling good and have a few minutes, we can stop by to visit. She's having a bronch today, but I'll head up after work.