Monday, December 14, 2009

Music Monday


I had never heard this song before until Saturday night at the concert I attended benefiting Cystic Fibrosis. It was an alumni of men who participated in the famous Huffman High School Chansoniers Chorus from the years 1972-1997 (or rather, those were the ones who could dedicate and commit their time to doing the concert). Back in May, a retirement reception was held in honor of the choir director who had been at Huffman High School for many many years. At the retirement party, some of the members of the choir started singing and thought it would be fun to get together and do a concert. In the midst of planning the concert, they decided why don't we support a couple of charities while doing this. They stated that they would have loads of fun, but at the same time making a difference in the lives of those affected by the charity they would choose. make a long story short, this particular high school men's chorus became very popular and people from all over the state use to travel to hear them sing. This weekend, people from Tennessee, Georgia and all over Alabama drove to attend this concert. I'm not sure how much the tickets cost, because mine was free, but both show times were sold out. An awesome $10,000 was raised for EACH charity, for a total of $20,000!!! I think the choir director said the sanctuary held maybe 750 people? It was a very neat experience and the best singing by a men's chorus I have ever heard! And the neat thing was that the majority of the songs were Christian or faith-based.

This is one of the songs the Chansoniers sang. And NO, this is not them singing....but this particular group sounded good when I looked on YouTube :) I hope you will take just a minute to listen to it. I think it is an awesome song...lyrics and how it sounds musically! Enjoy!