Monday, December 28, 2009

Post-Christmas Update

Wow, it's hard to believe Christmas is over. It's also hard to believe that I haven't blogged in almost a week and didn't blog on Christmas Eve or Day..sorry! I definitely had plans to blog and actually a couple of things to share. Oh well! LONG POST AHEAD!!!!! Quite a bit of updating, and hate to split it up. Sorry!

It was crazy around our household....working until the 18th, cooking, cleaning, babysitting, parties/get-togethers,family, shopping, etc. We had a great Christmas. My mom and I went shopping the day after, and found some good deals. I really enjoyed it and it wasn't that bad, as far as the crowds and traffic went.

I am actually working this week (Monday-Wed). The place where I have been working was going to have a really small skeleton crew, and the manager asked if I wanted to come in and cover for the girl I had been working with. I jumped at the opportunity (especially since it meant earning a little more $$$). It was really slow today.

I had a transplant clinic appointment on the 16th. It went pretty well. My PFT's had gone up a pretty good bit, my 02 sats were 99% (which is the highest they have been since April or May this past year). All in all it was a good appointment. We think that some of the breathing and 02 sats have been better due to the removal of my gallbladder. My shaking has continued to be really bad, and there are setting up a consult with a neurologist, just in case something is going on.

I am still having a really difficult time gaining my weight back. I lost about 12 pounds before/during/after the surgery. I have yet to gain 1 pound back, and I am at a whopping 86.5/87 pounds, which is NOT good. I am really trying, but my stomach is really having a difficult time eating a lot at once. I'm also experiencing a lot of nausea, which is interfering as well. Hopefully this will turn around soon. I hate it...and none of my pants/jeans fit me right now. I had to go buy 2 new pairs of jeans.

I am all registered for classes this next semester. I am taking Physiology (the 2nd part to anatomy). It will consist of a lecture class and a lab class. I am also taking Nutrition, which is one of the pre-nursing electives required. I'm excited and praying this semester will be much less stressful :)

I have been off and on as far as feeling good. I have been really exhausted and not sleeping the best. I have had a really bad sinus infection for several weeks now. I started on some oral Cipro back on December 11th and are taking it for a total of 3 weeks (21 days). I only have a few days left. I am also on my month of TOBI (and are a little behind on starting it).

Today, unfortunately, I had not been feeling the best, but though it was just my sinuses and being tired. About 2:00 or so, all of a sudden, it hit me. I felt awful. I managed to stay at work until about 4:20 (our day ends at 4:30); I checked my temp in the car, because it felt like I had one. Sure enough I had a low-grade temp. I got home, unloaded and climbed in the bed, and checked my temp with a different thermometer (instead of the one that stays in my car 24/7). It was higher at 99.8 (which is high for me). Currently, my temp is 100.9 and is not going down with Tylenol. I have no idea what is going on. My chest is hurting, back aching, coughing up junk, and very sob. I hate this, especially since I was working this week. UGH!!!

I will keep you all updated. I may be making a trip to clinic or the hospital this week. Sorry again, for the long update. I hope everyone had a very blessed Christmas. And if for some reason I don't get around to posting again before Thursday...HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!


Jane said...

ANYTHING has to be better than anatomy IMHO!

I sure hope that 2010 is easier for you!

I'm really sorry you're not feeling well again. :(