Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lack of Posting/Misc Update

Sorry for the lack of blog posting this past few weeks. Things have been is crazy and if I have any free time, I'm trying to spend it studying. I have a huge physiology lecture quiz due tomorrow, an exam next week that I really need to do well on, and several other things for my other 2 classes.

A quick health update: the TOBI has seemed to work pretty well in keeping this pseudo sinus & lung infection under control. I haven't felt any worse since my clinic appointment last week. However, I finish my oral Cipro tomorrow (which I was on for the sinus pseudo infection). I still have 2 weeks left of the TOBI, so I'm praying the infection will clear up even more. I still don't feel 100%, and could really use some additional energy.

My back is still very extreme/sever pain, and it's getting really frustrating. It has prevented me from attending some classes, and overall being able to do a whole lot. Driving irritates it, so I've been limiting my driving. I'm not sleeping well, because i can only lay on one side without being in too much pain. I had missed my physical therapy appointments last week, but got back in yesterday. I'm hoping those visits will help. I'm taking so much pain meds, it's crazy...and when I get in a lot of pain, it makes me feel like crap. I have a HUGE pain tolerance, so when my pain level is over's bad. And today it's bad. I would love some relief.

I had the opportunity to speak to a group of people about CF on Wednesday. It was a committee that is in charge of deciding which organizations to support for the University of Alabama at Birmingham. They have been supporters of CF for awhile, and wanted one of the "agencies" they support to come talk at their meetings. So the council president invited the CF (in particular me) to come speak. They had written an article about CF/our local CFF/and myself for their newsletter publication. So their 1st meeting, which consisted of the council/committee members was Wednesday. There were probably about 25-30 people. I talked for about 10 minutes and according to other people, the speech went exceptionally well. Some of the members asked questions at the end...which I love. To me, asking questions, indicates they really paid attention to what I said and are really interested in Cystic Fibrosis.

I will speak at 3 more of their meetings in March, in which employees are invited to come and see what agencies the Committee supports and how they are involved in the community. I'm really excited about those meetings as well, as it will be employees showing interest in what this committee does, which in turn means interest in Cystic Fibrosis.

My brother's birthday is tomorrow, and he is coming home this weekend to celebrate. Other than that, I plan on resting this weekend and studying like crazy.

Oh..and I did not attend my Neurology appointment last week (which was for my intense hand/body shaking) due to the weather (snow). I have not rescheduled it yet, and may be delaying it somewhat.

I hope everyone's week is going well. Just one more day until the weekend :) I will try my best to post updates more frequently. Next Thursday, I will celebrate my 6th Transplant Anniversary. God has been so great, and I feel so blessed to be here, alive today, and able to pursue my dreams.


Katelyn said...

I understand distributing your time - I'm thinking of you and hope you get some relief from you back pain soon!

Somer Love said...

Have you ever been to a chiropractor? It seemed to help me.

Hoping the TOBI does the trick! Sending you some positive healing vibes for you back and those sinuses.
Have fun with your bro.