Saturday, March 6, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

Once again, here is an update post from the last week or so. I promise I will get back into frequent posts, it has just been a little crazy, especially with school.

A lot of my "free time" has been spent studying. I had two more exams last week. My next exams are in about 3 weeks. I also have a project due in 2 weeks for my Nutrition course.

An update on my health: things have been pretty stable lately. The only thing really bothering me is energy level and just being really tired. I'm hoping to get back into exercising soon, now that my back pain has subsided some. I finish my TOBI inhaled antibiotic on Monday. I will give myself probably a week or so to see how I feel before approaching the subject of starting inhaled Colistin. I am hoping some of my lab values have returned to normal from the last clinic appointment back on February 10th. My transplant coordinator has not made me come back to get them recheck. She is just going based on my symptoms. I will probably go to clinic for a follow up appointment in April, if all goes well the remainder of this month.

In about 2 weeks, my 2nd most busiest time of the year will begin. April and May are always insanely busy. One reason is because I'm taking classes again. Also, we have all of our CF Great Strides Walks within those 2 months as well. And I always try to volunteer at as many as possible. I also have 1 wedding in March in Louisiana, and another one for a cousin here in April. Then there are several birthday parties, Easter, bridal tea, etc. Also, I am continuing to speak for the UAB Benevolent Fund, which coordinates and controls which charity organizations UAB supports. I spoke the last week in February. I'm speaking again this coming Tuesday, then again on the 24th and 30th of March .

I have also had a few babysitting jobs recently, and have a few more coming up. I hope those continue, as its my only source of income :)

I'm still finalizing a few decorations in my room. I changed out my light switch plate on the wall. It was the basic bright white standard plate. I bought a bronze metal finish one at Target yesterday. It matches my decorative accents in my room as well as the wall color better than the stark white.

I'm hoping to get my curtains (Valences) up tomorrow as well, but I need my Mom's help on that one. I also bought a decorative ottoman-like stool for the end of my bed. I wanted something to put there that I could use to set clothes out one, etc. In my former room upstairs, I used my big, nice chair for stuff like that. But now my chair is out in the den, because there wasn't enough room in the bedroom. I love this matches my room perfectly (especially my wall art above my bed). I wanted two of them, but HomeGoods only had 1. I've been checking back frequently to see if any more come in stock. One of the ladies that work there said they should get some more I'm really hoping they do. The company that makes this particular decorative furnishing is only a wholesale businesses and I can't find any online stores that carry their products. We only have 2 HomeGoods stores in Alabama. So if any of you ever see a duplicate to this...let me know :) I really want a 2nd one!!

The design matches my wall art almost perfectly!!!! And the material of the stool is suede-like just like my comforter on my bed!!!

If any of my blog followers are local and are not participating in a CF Great Strides Walk currently, I highly encourage you to do so! You can click on the Great Strides Widget at the top right of this blog for a link to my personal team. Or you can send me an email! SUPPORT CF!!
I think that is about it...not much to report.


Sarah said...

If I ever actually have to decorate a place of my own by my own I think I just might have to give you a call.

Somer Love said...

Wow those do match perfectly!!!

Yay for last days of TOBI I am still on it!

Anonymous said...

Also check TJ Maxx. I believe they are owned by the same company, and get the same stuff often ;) . Looks great!