Friday, July 2, 2010

Transplant Clinic Report

I had a transplant clinic appointment this past Wednesday. Overall it went pretty good. My lungs sounded good, lab values good, and PFT's about the same.

The Lisinopril seems to be working pretty well for my blood pressure. I am still monitoring it and may be stopping a medicine soon to see if it might be causing the high blood pressure. The Lisinopril is also known to cause high potassium levels (hyperkalemia); My level was normal at clinic Wednesday, but higher than it usually is. So I will get my levels re-checked sometime next week.

I have been feeling run down and have had a cough and tightness in my chest, lack of energy and shortness of breath. I am finishing up my last week of TOBI and really didn't feel like the TOBI was helping get rid of this infection/cold at all. So my doctor put me on 2 weeks of Cipro.

I'm having to be extra cautious and really proactive with my health right now, since I'm starting nursing school. I really want to be able to go through the entire program without getting pneumonia or having to be hospitalized for any reason. Since my transplant 6 years ago, I've never gone an entire year without pneumonia or bad lung infections that have required IV antibiotics. While I can do home IV's, I usually have to be admitted for at least 1 week to get a boost on feeling better. So this will be a big adjustment for my body, but praying that it will cooperate! I really have had a good run since January's pneumonia hospitalization this year.

I am going to make sure I get the pneumonia vaccine at my next clinic appointment.(I've never had one, but the transplant team puts it on our list of things to get, but it's never been mentioned to me). I still have a few more vaccines to get that are required for nursing school.

Please continue to keep me/my health in your prayers! Also, my hands seem to be shaking worse, despite being on the medicine that is supposed to help/take it away. It may be due to stress, back pain, etc. But I really need steady hands for nursing school, and don't want this to be a hindrance during labs and clinicals.


Azer's Mom said...

I'm praying for you! Glad to hear most things sound ok though! Much Love!!!

Colleen said...

Good luck with nursing school. I will be praying that you remain healthy and out of the hospital for the duration of your studies.