Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year/Back to School

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE!! I Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I know this year is going to be awesome...and I can't wait to see what is in store for 2011!!
I start back classes flies by! I'll do my best to keep up with blogging. Hopefully it won't be as busy or stressful as last semester :)

I started getting sick again at the middle of last week. So, I started on another round of oral antibiotics (Cipro) for 2-3 weeks. I've only been off the IV antibiotics about 2 1/2 praying the Cipro knocks whatever this out and i can start the new semester off feeling good!

A Couple of New Year's resolutions:
1.     To be a better Christ follower. To make more of an effort to attend church and Sunday School more often (I did a horrible job of this last year....using excuses of school and health...although a lot of times it was legit). I attended Sunday School yesterday-Sunday-and joined a new life group, which is sort of like a small bible study and accountability group. I think that will be great and help keep me connected during the school year. I get caught up so much with school and other stresses of life, that I forget and don't make time to spend with God.

2.     Another be on time!! I used to always be on time or even early. Now I find myself rushing everywhere...either arriving just on time or a little late.

3.     I also want to decrease the procrastination I have in me when it comes to!! I don't wait til the night before, but I really need to start studying every day so i don't have to cram before exams :)

4.     EXERCISE!! I say this every year. It's more of a time conflict than a motivation issue. I am motivated and want to do it. But with nursing school, there is literally zero free time, and if you have free time, it's spent studying. So I'm going to try to at least do the exercise bike we have at home a few nights a week. I do get a lot of exercise (more than before) in with nursing school, and I think it has helped me feel better and increased my breathing capacity (although i feel like i can't as well as my O2 saturation. So we'll see where this leads too!.

5.    And last, but not least: be a better sister. My brother and I get in so so many fights (verbally) when he comes home for holidays. I always tell myself that it's not going to happen and I'm just going to ignore things he says that makes me mad, and try to watch what i do as well. But it seems like it never happens. So I am really, seriously, going to make an actual effort to get along with my wonderful brother...always :)

Ok...I'm up late...need to go to bed. Lots of stuff to do today (Monday) before class tomorrow! For all of my fellow CF and Transplant Blog Followers...I will be praying that 2011 will be an awesome year for you and that you will feel amazing and be able to do amazing things. Hang in there! Love you all!!

Happy 2011!!!


Katelyn said...

Good luck with this term!

Azer's Mom said...

Hope the Cipro worked! ((hugs)) Hope you have a great semester!

Nancy said...

We love you too, Katey! I hope 2011 brings you many wonderful things, but especially good health!