Monday, May 23, 2011

Sorry-Here is an update

Sorry for the long time lapse since last posting. It's been a little busy around here. I'll give more details and catch you up on what's going on throughout the week.

But just briefly: I finished IV abx April 15. Luckily, i have not had to go back on IVs since then. I am though currently taking oral Cipro antibiotic.

I finished up the spring semester with B's. I actually start summer semester classes today-Monday the 23rd. I had a two week break.

Last Wed i went to the beach with some family. I got back yesterday (Sunday). The weather was beautiful, but very hot Saturday; no rain (which was nice), so i was able to enjoy being outside for 5 days. Definitely a relaxing trip. And i think the beach air really perked me up and i felt so much better. I'm still on Cipro for another week, and still using oxygen, Xopenex nebulizer and oxygen at night. However, my oxygen saturations have been a good bit better and I've been able to decrease the amount of oxygen i wear at night. So praying that i feel great this summer, since i have an extremely heavy load of classes.

Our local CF Great Strides Walk went extremely well! I will post about that later.

Hopefully you haven't given up on me blogging :) I still read your blogs, but hopefully I'll be more consistent with updating and posting interesting, fun things that are going on with me :)

More updates to come!


Christy said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I look forward to reading yours. I am intrigued about the "living donor" situation. I remember reading about partial lobe donations years ago, but I'm guessing you got one lung from your mom and one lung from a friend? God Bless you, Katey. I will keep up with you and look forward to reading more today. We are going to transplant clinic this morning at UAB. ~Namaste'~

Sarah said...

Good luck with summer classes.