Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Graduation and Health Update

I'm sure most of you thought I had abandoned my blog....I apologize. Unfortunately you are still stuck with me as I hope to be updating more often now that I have more time. The last 6 months or so has been very crazy with school and being sick. Since about October of 2011, my health was becoming increasingly worse, and it seemed like i was in the hospital every month, and if i wasn't, i was struggling at home. I spent time in the hospital in October, twice in December, in January, twice in March, and in April. By April, i was headed towards another transplant, as I was requiring 10 liters of oxgen with minmal exertion, over 5 liters at night, continuous oxygen at rest, and just being extremely sick. I had an episode of acute rejection in March, that absolutely knocked me off my feet. At this point, I wasn't sure what was going to happen, and if I was going to be able to finish up school. I had realized and learned early on in the year, that in order to make it through this school semester despite being sick, i would have to rely 100% on the Lord's strength and submit to him completely. There were still days I wondered "why" and what was going to happen. In April, God granted me an Easter Miracles-I had been healed, completely off oxygen, and the best I felt in over 3 years (maybe more). I had energy, my oxygen saturations were 98-99% on room air at rest, at night, and even with intense exertion. No more oxygen (even at night). (the doctors did take me off 1 med that was causing met-hemoglobin anemia, and gave me steroids-but even these two changes could not explain the healing that took place). It was amazing and i was in awe of the gift the Lord had given me.

By the Lord's grace, I graduated cum laude on May 12th with my Bachelor's degree in Nursing. I have a job at Children's Hospital in their brand new Cardiac ICU, in which I start on June 18th. I have been running around like crazy, being able to do so much stuff without being sick or short of breath. It's nothing short of a miracle. So I am grateful for that, and for all the support from friends and family this last year. I was even able to jog/run some at my CF Great Strides Walk.

So now, I'm trying to make myself study for my upcoming boards for nursing-to officially become an RN! Prayers are greatly appreciated :) I'm enjoying my time off. I'm excited about a beach trip in 2 weeks and I will be teaching Vacation Bible School to precious 1 year olds-lol the 2nd week of June before I start my job.

I had a bronch a few weeks ago to follow up from the acute rejection-it was negative-thank God. However, my cultures did grow out the nasty and aggravating neverending pseudomonas. I was pretty shocked since I was feeling so good. So I am currently on antibiotics for that right now. Please pray that it clears up and i can bypass the sick stage.

Looking foward to blogging more!! I will post pictures from graduation soon!!!


Anonymous said...

I've been pretty amazed at how determined you've been through all your sick took care of yourself then kept right on plugging away at school! Good for you, Miss Cum Laude. I hope and pray that your health will stay stable and miracle-ish for a very long time

Katelyn said...

Praise the Lord! I had no clue you were so sick, Katy. Enjoy this time off before work begins!

christian church oakville ontario said...

I can say that you are so inspired in what you are doing... because though your health is not that good, you still manage to do things you need to accomplish. Have faith and be strong in the Lord!
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