Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Too long!

Wow...time flies. It' been way to long since I last blogged. Sorry. Nothing really exciting has happened to blog about, so I'll update you on what's been going on in my life :)

Last week I started my job and was jammed pack with other stuff. The job is going well. We aren't all that busy right now, so it's pretty layed back, which is nice. Because when the first of September gets here, it will be chaos, and by November, I'll be running around like crazy and receiving 200+ emails a day. So I'm enjoying this while we've got it.

I had dinner with a few of my friends last night as well and had a baby shower on Saturday. At the baby shower, one of the moms that was there is a foster mom. And she had a 1-week old foster baby who weight 4 lbs and 9 oz. I got to hold it pretty much the whole time. How precious and amazing it was.

To wrap up the week, there was LOTS of school stuff happening. I had a 7 1/2 hr clinical day last Wednesday, which was good, but long. I really only have 3 weeks until the semester is over. So it's crunch time and multiple projects are due as well as final exams coming up. And when you are this far into the program, you can't fall behind (although I have some catching up to do).

A little update on the health-side of things. I've been feeling really good the last couple of weeks (exceptionally good). This morning I woke up with a low-grade fever, hot flashes, coughing, tired, etc. Not sure what's going on. I didn't have a good appetite yesterday, which was surprising. I usually have a really good appetite. And today, I've just really been dragging. In addition, my hands are shaking like crazy. I can't hold a pen, spoon, fork, etc. without shaking tremendously. So I called my transplant coordinator to see if I could get my prograf level checked tomorrow. Prograf is an immunosuppresent that, if it's drug levels are off, can cause you to shake. So I'm hoping that's the reason. Then i proceeded to tell her about how I felt, and that I was going to the beach next week and a little worried. So I'm going in the morning for a whole lab workup. I would go to clinic, but I have my clinical class tomorrow at 8:00. I'm going to "labs" at 7:00 and can do this because it's the same hospital my clinical is at. Then at 1:00 I have my photo treatments for rejection. So I'll be able to talk to my coordinator then.

So....I have photo tomorrow at 1:00 and again Thursday at 1:00. I have a school exam tonight, an assignment due Thursday night, and two more projects due next week. Then I leave for a church singles beach retreat next Thursday morning. And amongst all this, I'm still supposed to be working 30 hrs a week (although it will be a little less this week and next).

I promise I'll write with an update tomorrow night! We are going out to eat for my grandmother's b'day tonight!


Katelyn said...

You are one busy lady!

Anonymous said...

Whew! You sound as busy as I am! Take care of yourself! It is good to hear from you. Hope all goes well with the labs and you find the answers you are looking for. Hope you have a great week next week at the beach. Hopefully, if everything goes well with my kids, I will be at the beach next week as well. Praying for good test results!