Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dad's journal entry #2

Here is another brief "journal" entry from my Dad noted during my transplant journey.

February 27, 2004: (2 Days after surgery...still ventilated).

8:00 P.M. "Shirley (my mom) and I (my Dad) went down to see Katey at 5:30 P.M." (I was still in the ICU at this time and was just starting to be weened off the vent). Shirley called Katey's name and she immediately opened her eyes. Praise God! (I think this would have been a difficult time for my Mom, as she was just 2 days out of surgery as well. She wasn't able to come into my ICU room for about 1 week. Although half of that time I was ventilated, it was difficult to just look at her through the enclosed glass doors around my ICU cubicle room. I think that would be tough for any Mom not to be close to her baby girl. I've always been a Mommas girl, but I remember specifically during this time, that I desperately longed for my Dad's presence 24/7. I wanted for him to just sit and hold my hand while I was ventilated. It was just so comforting to know my Dad was right there with me...because it can get a little scary in a situation like this. I remember sometimes I would fall asleep, but yet when I woke up he would still be sitting there holding my hand.)

9:30 PM. I(my Dad) wen to ICU. I asked Katey if she could hear me to blink and she did. She heard me and understood. They are going to pull the trach tube tomorrow.

February 28, 2004
They woke Katey up early and she was asking for me (my Dad). When I got to the hospital, found out that Shirley (mom) had run a fever all night. Katey was able to respond to me very good. They weaned her off the ventilator slowly and finally Dr. Roberts pulled the trach tube. After that, she (me) got her voice back and was giving orders. Most of the day was spent with her back hurting and very little pain from chest or tubes. Before I left tonight, she asked me to pray with her.

I remember each night while I was in the hospital at USC (or as far back as I can remember) that I prayed with my Dad. Even if it was when he went back home, I would call him on the phone, and we would pray together. This became a nightly routine for 3 months while in the hospital. Sometimes the prayers would get emotional, but that was a part of the journey.

I think a funny part of this journal entry is "she was back to giving orders." Now...don't think that I am pushy or mean person. But most of my life (I've backed off recently), I have been slightly a little bossy (love to babysit kids and be the momma). I love to manage things in the work world as well. Also, usually when i went in the hospital, I was very proactive in my care and would make sure it was handle appropriately and the best I could get. So for me to "start giving orders" was a blessing in itself to my parents, because that meant that I was my typical self again. I think one of the worries my parents had was that I would have brain or psychological damage because of being on the ECHMO so long. That is usually a given side effect for someone that was in my situation. So to know that I was back to my self, and had no apparent neurological damage, was a relief to my parents.