Thursday, August 7, 2008

Interesting Food Likes

You make think these are weird, but here are 4 food combinations or foods that I absolutely love.

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (or any Mac & Cheese for that matter) and LOTS of brown sugar. Sometimes I will combine pieces of ham and mix it in the macaroni sort of like a casserole heated in the microwave. My mom would and still does fix ham and macaroni at the same time. I've always put brown sugar on my ham. And within the last few years or so, I've noticed the good taste when your brown sugar is spread out on the plate and soaked a little into the Mac and Cheese. So the other day, I was taking Mac & Cheese to work and decided to mix some ham and brown sugar in it. And let me tell you, it is now one of my favorite foods. I LOVE IT!

So another interesting mix...dipping my Wendy's fries in a Chocolate Frosty. I friend of mine actually introduced me to this. If you haven't tried it...and you like Wendy's frosty's and fries....try it. You won't want it any other way after trying it. It makes for a good snack (or meal sometimes for me). food # 3. I absolutely LOVE LOVE marshmallows. PLAIN marshmallows. I could eat an entire back of miniature marshmallows in at least 2 days if not sooner. Now, I try not to eat them that quick. But I constantly keep a bag in my room by my bed, and it is a frequent item to "munch" on while doing school work, watching TV, etc. I'm so glad I don't have any blood sugar issues any more.

Finally....I love white rice with butter and sugar. I think this is probably the least weird likes of all of these. My grandfather introduced me and my brother to this at an early age. And for a long long time, I would eat rice no other way. My favorite is Uncle Ben's (brand name) White rice. Then I put LOTS of Butter and sugar in it. I absolutely LOVE it and are so glad my grandfather introduced that to me. Recently in the last few years, I've started eating rice other ways or maybe mixing it with meats or putting gravy over it instead. But nevertheless, this one will always stick and is a sort of "sentimental" food since my grandfather started this tradition.