Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Clinic Report

So I had clinic today, and overall, it went pretty well. My lung functions were up a "smidge" as one of the doctors said. All lab work was pretty good as well. I still have a slightly high BUN, which i think is being contributed to dehydration. My WBC Count was also a little higher than it has been (which in this case is a good thing since mine had been so low). And as far as I know, my xray must have been fine, because the doctor didn't mention anything about it.

It was a busy morning, arriving at clinic to complete all my tests super early, then arriving at my clinical site at 8:00 and then coming back to clinic to see the doctor at about 11:00. However, clinic was very busy today, so I didn't end up leaving until almost 1:00. Then I had a quick study visit, visited with a former doctor at Children's, and ate lunch with a CF/transplant friend of mine. I decided then to come home, take a nap, and here I am now. I still have to complete a test tonight.

So I left clinic with yet another oral antibiotic, Cipro, to see if it will knock my cold/sinus infections out. It's basically the only oral antibiotic that has a chance of working (especially for the pseudomonas). So I'm praying this will do the trick. It'll be the 4th (3rd oral) antibiotic I've had in the last month or two to try and help me feel better. It's getting quite frustrating. My worry is that if this can't be knocked out, it will eventually turn into pneumonia, which has happened in the past.

I'll keep you updated on how things go.