Saturday, September 20, 2008


Sorry I haven't blogged anymore this week. Things have been crazy!! In Alabama it is now Saturday morning at 12:48 A.M. My mom and I are going to the lake today to spend the day. I hope to just enjoy the weather, sun, and relaxation.

It has been a rough week as far as feeling good. I'm continuing to experiences sinus issues along with extreme wheezing and some coughing. And like usual, I haven't gotten much sleep either this week.

I've had a lot of school work due this week, including quizzes, clinical class, and an SGA meeting. I have 2 more tests next week along with 3 more assignments due.

So in all in all, it has been a very busy and tiring week. But I am looking forward to the weekend!

I promise to update again soon. I have my photo sessions again next Wednesday and Thursday, so if I'm not feeling MUCH better, I will approach my transplant coordinator about that.

I also have several other exciting things happening next week, which I will share on a later post. I need to get some sleep now!!

Have a good weekend!!