Thursday, September 25, 2008

State Fair

So I just got back from the State Fair with some friends and had an awesome time. I am really worn out, as I've had a very hectic last two days, and tomorrow will be crazy as well.

Instead of attending my National Honor Society Induction Ceremony at UAB, I am going up to UAB to get IV Magnesium. My levels were low today. However, I was tired after photo and had plans for tonight, so didn't want to stay. I told them I would come back tomorrow after the Honor Society Thing. But in reality, I really don't want to go after 5:00 and be up there until 9:00pm and then come home. I'm too tired for that, and don't feel up to it. So since the Honor Society Initiation is not mandatory for membership, I think I might just skip it. I have to work up until 1:30, otherwise I would go and get the magnesium in the morning.

And to top things off, I've not had a good last few days as far as feeling well. It's one thing after another, and I really don't feel good. (but I still managed to go the fair..haha.). So we'll see what is in store for tomorrow. I will post fair pictures ASAP and other pertinent info you might be interested in!!