Monday, September 29, 2008


Ok, so today I have been breathing EXTREMELY HARD! I managed to go to work, but was barely getting through the day. I did leave a little early after realizing I was running a slight fever. I talked with my coordinator just a little while ago and I am going up to our outpatient room on our transplant floor to get evaluated tomorrow (labs and chest xray). They didn't have any beds available today. I have a feeling I will get admitted, but not positive. I am just not able to make it until Wednesday at clinic.

So...I'm chilling in the bed right now and really just want to go to sleep and wake up, with it being tomorrow morning. I'm not going to do any school work or anything. Just rest!

I will update when I know something tomorrow. I imagine if I do come home tomorrow, it will be later in the day.

BTW: someone asked me today why I didn't just close the drain on the tub to keep the roach from coming out. I don't know. I feel like a real idiot now!! :)


Katelyn said...

Katey, I hope you get to feeling better and very soon. You're in my thoughts and prayers!