Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pics from this Week

Here are some pics from Wednesday and Thursday of this week.

Emily, Shaun and I met up and had lunch together on Wednesday. They both had clinic and I had my clinical (which is in the same hospital) I met up with them after they finished. Shaun is from LA and was up for his 3 month appointment. He usually stays in town for a few days.

This is a picture of me, Shaun, and Beth (nurse). Beth is a good friend but also one of our nurses on HTICU. So for dinner, Shaun, me, and Beth, as well as my mom and Shaun's mom met up for dinner. We had alot of fun!

These are from Thursday night at the Alabama State Fair!!

(I felt really short up next to this lady)

Our pig was #2. He was winning at first, but then he got stuck in the straw. Oh well!

Petting Farm Area!

Eating Corn dogs ($3.00 corn dogs, might I add).

Before riding the "Fire Ball" Ride!

I was hanging on for dear life and kept my eyes closed the majority of the time. (Definitely NOT my type of ride). I'm sure everyone on the ride was wishing I would just shut up!!! I think I became a little paler after riding this!!