Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hospital Day 3

I don't have much new information today. I feel pretty much the same, maybe a tad bit better this evening. I've been sleeping on and off throughout the day. My flu virus test did come back negative. I am still waiting on results from another virus test as well as a test for mono. My doctor still thinks I have pneumonia, but something else going on on top of that. He is going to consult the Infections Disease doctors tomorrow to see if they have any explanation of why my WBC count is so low. It is pretty much the same today, actually slightly lower. That is what is really concerning my doctor right now.

My magnesium was low again today (1.3). I was sort of surprised since I got IV mag last Friday. Obviously, it didn't bring my level up. Or if it did, it dropped again dramatically. So I had to get more IV magnesium this afternoon.

I also got some continuous fluids throughout the night last night to help hydrate me some. I managed to go through the majority of the day without any phinigrin, which is good.

I did develop more of a cough today, but it may be due to the albuterol aerosols helping the junk move around.

So, I guess we will see what tomorrow brings. Still no word on when I can get out of this place. I think they want to figure out what is causing my WBC count to be low before sending me home. I'm still pretty fatigued and weak anyways.
I'm about to try and get some sleep. I'll post again tomorrow.


Kori said...

Praying for you to feel better soon. Is there anythin you need? Let me know.

Katelyn said...

I'm thinking of you and praying with you/for you. Be expecting a package soon!