Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Parvo Virus

Today I had to go my coordinator's office to get a school excuse, in order to make up an exam I missed last week. I was already at UAB doing my clinical and visiting several CF patients, so it was very convenient. While in her office I asked her if the results from the Parvo virus test were back yet. There were...and it was somewhat interesting. Evidently there are two immunoglobulins (IgM and IgF) that indicate whether or not you have the virus. One of them, indicates if you have it actively, and the other indicates if you have been exposed to it or had it in the past. I don't know a lot about this, and probably need to research more. These immunoglobulins are triggered probably by the antibodies in your blood. Evidently, the one that indicates I've been exposed to it, is positive. The active one is mostly negative. This may not mean anything. However, she asked me she doesn't know how I would have been exposed to it. So that's a concern. Also, it could mean that I did have the virus recently, and when they drew the lab work last week, it wasn't actively present, or showing up on my lab results. So this could have been the cause of the virus and all of my symptoms. Or it may be nothing? My coordinator is confirming this with one of the transplant doctors, and will let me know.

I knew something was up by looking at her face while checking the results. Usually...if it's a done deal and very evident, any coordinator will jump out and tell you it's negative. I watched her looking at the computer, and she looked at it for too long of a period, and kept saying "hang on." I return in the morning to have more lab work done, and will call my coordinator tomorrow to find out the results from that. At that time, hopefully she has an answer to the Parvo situation. The Parvo virus can attack your immune system, and cause a low WBC count. It also has characteristics of making you anemic and decreasing your magnesium level, both of which has been going on. So it would make perfect sense, but I don't want to jump to any conclusion!

My clinical went well today. Although, I set my alarm for 7:00 am, thinking that's when I needed to get up. Well...oops! That was when I was supposed to leave. And I've been doing this clinical since June. I guess I just wasn't thinking. I stayed at my clinical until 12:30. Then I had lunch with Brandi, a CF patient. Then I walked a couple of blocks to the Children's Hospital for my study visit. Then I walked back to UAB to visit with Brandi a few more minutes. Then I went and saw another CF patient. And then finally, I went to pick up my excuse. I left UAB around 3:45 (by the time I got out of the parking deck) in route to my next appointment, physical therapy for my back. I got home around 7:00, ate dinner, and are now about to study for a midterm I have tomorrow. BUSY BUSY DAY!!!!

I will update tomorrow! Pray for answers!!