Thursday, October 9, 2008


This morning I went for labs...ah..such a pain when you don't have any veins. It took 2 sticks to get enough blood and the final stick was in my wrist where they get blood arterial gases... are the results:

Prograf: Still WAY WAY high...which explains my nausea and shakiness. So I'm decreasing my dose and will get it rechecked next week at clinic.

Magnesium: 1.6...which is pretty good for me. You would think it would be higher though after 2 rounds of IV mag.

HCT: 36---WOW!! I don't think I've ever had it that high. The blood must have done some bad I feel like it's a "2" instead!

Kidney Function: A little elevated, but more than likely due to the high prograf level.

WBC Count: 2.4-which is up a smidge..but still wish it was higher. That's still pretty low. But I don't think they are too concerned depends on which doctor you talk to.

Parvo results: My coordinator said, that they are NOT completely sure it's negative. The doctor yesterday got her to order a follow up test on it. So now, I have to wait for those results. FRUSTRATION with a capital "F."

I have had ZERO energy today. I woke up this morning feeling like I had been asleep for 5 minutes. I had to get up at 5:30 to get to labs early so I could get back to work as close as to 8:00 as possible. I dragged throughout the whole day. Boy...I would give ANYTHING for energy!

Last night I fell asleep in my bed while studying for my midterm tonight. I didn't quite get everything studied that I need to. Evidently, I left my highlighter opened and it bled through my sheets and left a nice yellow circle. As I've been told, I fall asleep in the middle of studying and doing school work quite frequently. HINT the pen marks on my sheets and comforter.

Christie, my CF transplant friend, is doing great! We saw each other this morning while we were getting labs. She made a cute joke earlier today that we should just build a condo on top of UAB....(since we are both there so much). I thought that was pretty funny...but so true. I feel like I live there 1/2 the time (which is NOT supposed to happen after transplant).

Oh well....back to studying...not looking forward to the midterm...wish my luck...or rather pray that it goes well. I know I need it!