Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Up and Awake

Well, I'm finally up and awake. I'm still tired and may take a nap today, but I think all the sedation has worn itself off. According to the doctor, it took less sedation this time. I really don't remember anything, until 8:00pm last night when my mom awoke me to take my meds. I do recall a few brief things that happened yesterday afterwords, but just barely. I slept til about 10:30 this morning...and it was a pretty much ongoing sleep.

I will not know the results from my bronch for a few days. I will post when I know something.

On a side note, before every bronch, each patient has to get lab work done to make sure everything is ok. So I arrived at the hospital in PLENTY of time to get labs drawn (leaving extra time for waiting and if it took awhile to draw the blood). See, I barely have any veins available to get labs drawn from. That's one reason why I have a port. However, still, lately, a lab technician has been able to get the blood with 1 or 2 sticks. Well, yesterday, I was on #3, and it wasn't looking good. The lab tech lady said that she didn't think it was going to be possible. So I told her that I was having a procedure done and that they were going to access my port for it. And if it was ok if I just asked them to get the labs upon accessing it. She said that was fine. She gave me the lab tubes and my orders. (By now I had spent about 45 minutes back in the lab area).

So I took the stuff up to the pulmonary floor and told them what was going on. About 15 minutes later, one of the nurses came out and said I had to go down to the transfusion center, because the nurses in pulmonary are not allowed to access ports anymore. UGH!! (they have always accessed ports). But now evidently they have to get checked off 3 times before being able to do it again. So I went down to another floor to the transfusion center for them to access my port and get labs. They were super nice there and had the most comfortable chairs. (I think its where a lot of chemo patients go). After waiting there about 15 more minutes, they finally got started. And one of the nurses from pulmonary came down to actually access it so she could get checked off and so she could de-access it in recovery after the bronch.

All went smoothly, and I finally arrived back upstairs about 9:50 or so. I waited about 10 more minutes, and was finally taken back to the exam room to finish being prepped for the bronch. I was worried that they were going to push me back to the 11:00 slot, since there was a patient scheduled at 11, and I was running behind (They've done that before). But they didn't...and they rushed me back pretty quickly. Usually you have to wait until your lab results come back, which before has taken about 1 hour. I don't even think they waited for them to come back this time. Who knows?

So overall, everything went smoothly (for the bronch..not getting labs). Also, my doctor said I could come to clinic next week instead of tomorrow, which I'm happy about.

I decided to stay home from work today. Tomorrow morning I have my clinical class and then photo sessions tomorrow and Thursday.

Thank you all for your prayers!


Emily said...

Hi Katey!
My name is Emily, I just found your blog while on another CF blog :). It is such a joy to find another CFer that loves God, and to read your story about a living donor transplant is incredible- what a miracle from the Lord!! Thank you for being open and honest about how God has worked and is continually working in you, I am always excited to hear stories of God's faithfulness.
I live in california, I have CF and i'm 25...I believe God uses CF in my life (and I see in yours, too). God uses CF and works through my life and story as He is continually on the journey with me.
So anyways, just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I read your post about your bronch- I am praying tonight for you that you get good rest and feel energized tomorrow.
Thanks for sharing your story, I love connecting with and praying for others with CF! Your blog encouraged me today, i'm praying for you :)

with His joy,
Emily Haager