Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What can Obama Do for CF Patients???

I got this link off of my CF Friend, Brandi's Blog. Although Obama is not my choice for president, and I do not agree with a lot of his views, I found this article very interesting. And some of the proposals and changes could very well benefit me, personally, as well as many others with CF. My whole life I have wanted it to be as normal as possible. I never like getting "breaks" whether it be in school or at work. I wanted and still do to be treated like everyone else. I don't EVER take advantage of my health. Luckily, most of my life, I've been able to live fairly normal in the grand scheme of things compared to many other CF patients. I attended a public school, graduating with multiple honors. Although I went in the hospital several times a year starting in 5th grade, I made sure I got my school work and made it up ASAP. I never cut corners, or at least never asked to. In high school, despite becoming increasingly sick from CF, I was able to attend the entire school year without being hospitalized until spring break of my senior year. At that time, I became dependent on oxygen, and could barely breathe without it. Despite that, several times I had to force myself to go to school to take some final make up tests. It would literally take me 15 minutes to walk down the hall, and I'm sure I looked like "hell." But I did it, and that's the point.

Luckily with college, I've never really had to ask for many extensions. This semester has been a challenge, but considering I only have 1 more left, I think I've done pretty good. I maintained a 4.0 GPA until this past spring and have been nominated for many awards. I've worked at least 25 hours a week for the past 2 1/2 years in addition to a full school course load. I like working, and I want to be able to earn a living for myself. I think its been extremely beneficial, but has its downside. And by no means do my parents make me work. It is truly an optional decision for me. My parent's support me fully right now and would no matter if I was working or not.

Anyway, to wrap this up and get to my point: Some of these proposals in Obama's plan may truly come in handy for me as I enter the workforce, apply for health insurance, and go back to nursing school. My family is by no means rich, but we aren't poor. I consider us a middle-class family. Both of my parents still work and support both me and my brother. They pay all of our tuition and we've never had to get a loan. But with retirement approaching for my Dad, and with the economy as it is, I may be having to fund my post-secondary education. In addition, I can only stay on my parent's insurance so long, therefore, will be needing to find other ways to be insured in the near future.

So although I am against some of Obama's policies, and definitely don't agree with his moral issues, I have to say that I am slightly excited about some of these changes and proposals and hope that I will have access to them in the future.

Check out this link below, I think you will find it very interesting. Although it applies to everyone, it really targets the older CF population (college students and working adults).


Emily said...

Hey Katey~
I almost wish I was at UAB, I'm in the hospital in TX. It has been kind of a frustrating ordeal only because these doctors don't know me and are treating me with EXTREME caution & like I've never dealt with the medical world. =) Anyway, I'm asking for much grace from the Lord as I'm having a hard time being patient. We will be going to UAB Dec. 3rd for clinic and a bronch. Maybe I'll see you then! How are you doing? I hope you are getting through the fall season. talk to you soon!