Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Text messaging

I've never been much of a "text-messaging" person. However, lately that's changed evidently??? Luckily, my mom and I share the same cellphone plan, and my Dad pays our bill. Therefore, I do not have to pay anything unless I go over my allotted text messaging minutes. Well, last night I had to pay $53 for going over my allowed text messages. I knew that I did and even told my Dad that a few weeks ago. But seriously, now I have got to cut back!! I know a lot of it came from when I was in the hospital. You get so bored...so you start texting people. In addition, I had 2 friends that were in at the same time (but on different floors)...so we text"ed" back and forth.

Oh well....if you are local and normally text me...pick up the phone next time :)