Sunday, December 14, 2008

God's Day

God calls us to rest on Sunday...and spend time worshiping him. While we may still go to church on Sunday morning, we frequently plan other stuff the rest of the day. It happens all the time for me.

Well today...was truly God's Day and a day of rest! My church had their Beautiful Savior Concert during worship hours this morning. The service I attended was PACKED...not a empty seat in the house...and I attend a very BIG church. The worshiping was AWESOME. The concert was filled with the choir, orchestra, pageantry and liturgical ballet celebrating our Beautiful Savior, Jesus Christ. I LOVE singing...especially when its worshiping Jesus Christ. It was an awesome morning.

Following the concert, I came home and took a Sunday afternoon nap...WONDERFUL and MUCH NEEDED!!

Then tonight, I went with my Mom to their church (my former church) for their Christmas concert. We remembered our Savior's birth with the songs of the season! The children, student, and adult choirs performed in this annual celebration of the joy of Christmas.

One aspect of Christmas time that was really emphasized this morning was JOY!!! Christmas time is a time of JOY!!! We are filled with JOY of Jesus Christ's birth. We should truly be HAPPY and JOYFUL for that very reason....not just because it is a "fun" time of year.

So needless to was definitely God's Day!


Christy said...

Your post is such a reminder for all of us. YES.. Christmas is a time of joy.. not the hustle and bustle we have made it!
Thanks for sharing.

Katelyn said...

I understand what you mean by making Sunday a day of rest and allowing oneself to relish in the goodness that is Christ. I have to plan my Sunday of rest, or it just won't happen! It sounds like you had not only a physically refreshing Sunday, but also a spiritually refreshing one as well!