Sunday, December 28, 2008

Quick Update

Just a quick update: I still have not been feeling well, but keep deciding to hold out and postpone clinic appointments for a little while longer. I've tried for several weeks to get help....but as I've said before, because of the particular doctor that's been on call, I've had no luck.

This morning I woke up running a fever and have been coughing my head off and coughing up nasty junk all day. I slept most of the afternoon. Tomorrow morning, I have a GI ultrasound scheduled at 8:40 am and on Tuesday morning, a hidascan, at 8:30am. These appointments were schedule by my GI doctor awhile back. I am very interested in what the results will be since my stomach is still giving me trouble and I'm still have extreme nausea and throwing up!

Tomorrow after my ultrasound, I will make the call once again to my coordinator, explaining what's going on. More than likely, I will be going to clinic on Wednesday, unless she agrees to do something before then (fingers are crossed).


Alicia said...

I'm disappointed to hear about this dr that is so bad that you have to go another route, but I am glad these tests have been scheduled for a while. I hope you have answers soon.

Emily said...

I'm so sad to hear you are still not feeling well. It seems like they could figure out what is going on. I pray you will have some good results from your test today. Hang in there! love ya...