Monday, December 29, 2008


My doctor called in some Cipro for me to start tonight. I will also go to clinic on Wednesday. I am supposed to follow up with my coordinator again tomorrow. The particular doctor that I have been mentioning is the one on call for the next 3 weeks or so....BLAH...not happy. (They never stay on call that long..he must be covering for someone). So we'll see what happens! Thanks for all of your comments and prayers. The stomach ultrasound with pretty smoothly this morning and I was back home by 10:00. I have been sleeping all day until about 4:00 this afternoon. I will post another update either tomorrow or Wednesday!


Katelyn said...

You're in my thoughts & prayers!

@ said...

I'm glad you got in a good nap and I hope this doctor exceeds all of your expectations and rises to the occasion ;) .

Cindy said...

Hopefully the Cipro will help! It does wonders for Reilly. And I totally understand your point on "that" doctor...there always seems to be one, doesn't it? Sending prayers your way!