Saturday, January 10, 2009


I'm still waiting to see the doctor. I'm thought I would post. I didn't sleep last night and are bored out of my mind. One of the nurses from our transplant floor came up earlier this morning to visit, and I decided to walk back down with him to visit some of the other nurses. I think I spent about 1.5 hrs down there..nice break! Since I'm on this particular unit, i'm not hooked up to the heart monitor and have free roam...which i guess is nice. I still want to either be home or on my home hospital unit. One of my nurse friends also went and got me some yummy chinese food. She should be back any minute....yay!!

I saw a resident that I guess works with my on-call transplant doctor earlier this morning. He said my sputum grew out the usual gram-negative rods, and the Cipro should take care of that. Then he proceeded to say that we may want to keep you one more day...WHAT??? If you keep me...then you better actually be doing something. Otherwise, there is no point in being here just to be watched!! So we'll see what the doc says...if he ever decides to come around.

So since I couldn't sleep last night, I decided to go ahead and submit my undergrad degree application. So yay!! That's submitted, and if I can just pass this semester..I'll be doing good. I proceeded to calculate my GPA to see what it would be if I made all A's this semester. AND...if I can and succeed at making all A's...I will graduate with a 3.7 GPA, which qualifies for magna cum laude!! So that's my goal!!

Well...that's about all I have to say! I did get pretty sob walking around...but hopefully that's just because I've been pretty still the last day or two. Also..techinically I finish the Cipro on we'll see what the doctor says.