Friday, January 23, 2009

Candles 4 CF

Some of you may have noticed the addition to my blog on the right: Candles4CF Fundraiser. It is one of the fundraisers I am doing for my Miracles Great Strides Team. I know almost each of my blog followers are raising money for their own personal Great Strides Team. So I don't expect you to buy a candle. But I thought it was a great idea and I always need an extra on-the-side fundraiser to help me meet my goal for my team! Last year I decided to do custom made jewelry, which did extremely well. And i may just decide to do that again. So this candle thing is new....but if anyone is interested, let me know! Here is some more info:

SMALL Candle 2.8” W x 3” H $6

LARGE Candle 2.8” W x 6” H $12

Candle Holder: $3.50

Click on the slide show for up close pictures.

I wish I could donate or buy something from each and every blog, but unfortunately, I can't. But I want you to know that I really wish I could. Being a college student and trying to move out doesn't help the situation :)